Friday, November 11, 2016

McGlothin keeps Williams hitless in 7 plate appearances

Ezra "Pat" McGlothin, Knoxville lad, spent time at the University of Tennessee and then in the low minors before he was in the Navy.

As a recreational specialist and morale booster he played for the Corpus Christi Naval Training Base All-Stars.  LT Ted Williams and his Pensacola Naval Training Base All-Stars played the Corpus Christi team.  And lost.

McGlothin struck Ted out once and held him hitless in 7 plate appearances.  Pat went 3 for 8 himself and drove in the winning run.  In the 19th inning.

The Sporting News - October 12, 1944

The Sporting News - October 26, 1944
After the war he spent a few more years in the minors and finally made it to the Dodgers in 1949.  He pitched in 7 games that year and just 1 the following season.  A few more years in the minors and then he managed the Smokies in 1954.

After baseball he ran a successful insurance company in Knoxville.  When I spoke with Pat in 2012 he was very proud of that day in September, 1944.

Pat passed away in 2014 in Knoxville.

I thank him, and other veterans, for his service to our great country.