Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Maryville College vs. University of Tennessee - 1918

The Highland Echo - May 14, 1918

Charleston News and Courier - May 4, 1918

The Highland Echo - May 7, 1918

The Highland Echo - May 7, 1918

So what can we learn from the above two articles compared to what we think we know?  Here's the season info from the UT Baseball Record Book.

2013 University of Tennessee Baseball Record Book

The first article says: The great series of the season started last Friday when U.T. came to Maryville and beat the Highlanders in the first game 5-1.

Then it says: After being defeated the day before on her home grounds Maryville went to Knoxville Saturday to haul U.T. into camp in a thrilling eleven inning contest, 9-8.

The second article says: The third game of the U.T. series was lost Friday 4-3.

Looking at a calendar for May of 1918, we see that the first Friday mentioned was the 5/3, not 5/10 as the UT Record Book says and the score was 5-1, not 5-3.  The game was played in Maryville.

The info on the Saturday game lines up.  5/4, with the score being 8-9 in 11 innings.  The game was played in Knoxville.

The second article's Friday would have been on 5/10, not the 5/11 listed in the Record Book.  The score from the article was 4-3, not the 9-4 listed.  The game was played in Knoxville.

A look at more of the UT 1918 season is in the works.

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