Friday, February 13, 2015

UT's 1894 season

A bit of research on UT's 1894 base ball season yielded a more info than their 1893 season did.

The local paper speaks well of the upcoming base ball season.

Knoxville Daily Journal - January 21, 1894

In fact, things are going so well that a second squad has been formed.

Knoxville Daily Journal - March 11, 1894

And the second squad was almost as good as the University school club.

Knoxville Daily Journal - March 18, 1894

The team traveled to Blount County to take on Maryville College.

Knoxville Daily Journal - April 8, 1894

And a review of the game from the losing side.

The Maryville Times - April 11, 1894

The boys take a trip.

Knoxville Daily Journal - April 19, 1894

Here's Sewanee's year in base ball from their yearbook.

Cap and Gown - 1895

And Vanderbilt's year.  I've highlighted the 1894 season.

The Commodore - unknown year (19??)

So, right now, here's how I have UT's schedule for the year.  They finished up 2-3 in college play.

I'm sure that more research needs to be done.

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