Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Holstons first game?

Adam Alfrey, co-captain of the modern day Knoxville Holstons that play as part of the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball, transcribed the following story on the team's website.

The Knoxville Whig - May 8, 1867
I think that Adam correctly says that to date this is "the the earliest reference to the Holston Base Ball Club playing a match in Knoxville...".

The club itself is mentioned the week before in a story about a Base Ball Convention that was held in Chattanooga.  It was published in the Nashville Union and Dispatch on May 3, 1867.

Keep up the good work, Adam.

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  1. Mark, I've posted on Protoball where I think the early (pre-1871) baseball games were played in Knoxville: the Asylum Grounds, or the "baseball grounds"
    off Gay St. Let me know what you think. Bruce