Thursday, June 4, 2015

Chattanooga sent a large sized pudding to Knoxville

I try to keep up with a "This Day in Knoxville Baseball History" to feed to Mick and Justin over at the Smokies Radio Network.  They like to add the stories to their pregame show for some color and stretch.

This post isn't exactly a "it happened on this date" but to celebrate the Lookouts are coming to town today.

Back in August of 1889, the Knoxville Reds hosted the Chattanooga team, at the time known as the Chattanoogas.

The local press tried to set the expectations, letting fans know the Reds would have a tough go with the visitors.

The Knoxville Journal - August 7, 1889

The press wasn't so kind after the games.
     The proof of the pudding is in chewing the string.  Last Thursday Chattanooga sent a large sized pudding to Knoxville, in the shape of a base ball team.  The Knoxville Reds sized up the pudding, gave it six or seven white washes and gulped it down with as much ease as an anaconda would swallow a mouse.

The Knoxville Journal - August 10, 1889

The Reds won all three games and the sportswriter saw fit to put their fielding and batting averages for the series in the paper.  He also included the a zinger to close.
     Following is the latest catechism that every Knoxville boy repeats before going to bed:
     "Where is Knoxville?"
     "Knoxville is situated in East Tennessee, of which is is the emporium, on the Tennessee river."
     "For what is it noted?"
     "For being the home of the Knoxville Reds, a base ball organization."
     "Where is Chattanooga?"
     "Chattanooga is a country village situated one hundred miles from Knoxville."
     "For what is it noted?"
     "It is chiefly noted for being the home of an alleged lot of ball players who were eaten up by the Knoxville Reds"

The Knoxville Journal - August 12, 1889
You may note several of the Reds players are the same as those featured in this photo, specifically:
  • James Waters
  • Please McClung
  • Deadrick McClung
  • Guy McCaffry
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