Friday, July 24, 2015

Singleton's Tigers Win

113 years ago today John Singleton's Tigers played the colored team from Chattanooga at Baldwin park and beat them 9-5.  Another game was scheduled for the 25th.

Knoxville Journal and Tribune - July 25, 1902
image from the Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection
Baseball between colored teams was not uncommon in and around Knoxville at this time.  But who was John Singleton?  In the 1900 US Census there's a John Singleton who was 28.  No occupation is listed for him.

In 1910 we find a John Singleton who is now 38.  He's a city policeman, married with a daughter.  Ten years later he's 48 and a city detective. 

Chicago's Broad Ax, a black paper, carried the story of his appointment.

The Broad Ax (Chicago, IL) - April 28, 1917
image from

I think that John Singleton the policeman/detective was also the John Singleton that ran a baseball team in 1902.

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