Thursday, December 4, 2014

UT's 1911 season brings a new coach

According to the University of Tennessee's Baseball Record Book the coach of the 1911 team was Z. G. Clevenger.
2014 University of Tennessee Record Book
There's even a nice narrative about him.

2014 University of Tennessee Record Book - page 98

But it isn't quite true.  Zora G. Clevenger came to UT from Nebraska Wesleyan University.   But he arrived in Knoxville after the 1911 baseball season.  I spoke with Alex Linden, Sports Information Director at Nebraska Wesleyan University, who confirmed that Clevenger was coaching the baseball team in Lincoln, Nebraska, during the 1911 season.

So, if not Clevenger, who was coaching the Volunteers?  It appears that it was Andrew Alexis Stone.

1911 Volunteer

So, the 1911 season results in the Record Book should look something like this:

Please note, this new info has not been verified or approved by the University of Tennessee, hence the overlay.

But, since I'm playing "let's rewrite the record book",  here's what Clevenger's new mini coaching bio would look like:

In addition to updating his stats I've used a more contemporary picture that I found at They picked it up from the National Football Foundation website.

This post focuses on the coach of the 1911 team, not the games played.  But setting up for a future post, UT's first game was against Mooney.  That would be Mooney School.  Or Mooney's School.  We now call it Battle Ground Academy, based in Franklin, Tennessee.  It was a college prep school.  A high school.  Yes, it was an opponent, but should high school games be included in the official records? 

UT played Murphy College in 1908 and 1916.  In a post about the 1908 games I wrote:
...they [UT] should footnote the wins as being against a High School.
I supported it then and support it now.

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  1. And they lost 2 out of 3 to the high school!

    That's as good a reason as any to expunge those games from the record books at UT.