Friday, September 12, 2014

A Bushel of Errors Made

Knoxville Daily Journal - September 8, 1889

The final score was 9-10 and not an earned run in the game?  Oof.

I also found the last paragraph interesting enough to do a bit more research. I'll have a bit more on the games of 1889 and 1890 between the Reds and the Shamrocks in the coming posts.
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

First two games of the 1920 World Series

Here are the box scores for the first two games of the 1920 Negro World Series between Rube Foster's Chicago American Giants and the Knoxville Giants.

The Birmingham Reporter - September 25, 1920

This answers some questions, but raises others.  I guess if "Steel Arm" Dickey was to end his 25 game winning streak, it might as well be to Rube Foster's Chicago American Giants.

Who was C. Williams, pitcher for Chicago in the second game?  Did Chicago need to bring in some ringers like Knoxville did?

A big thank you to Larry Lester, Dick Clark, and Wayne Stivers who provided this image.

Note:  I modified the article by splicing portions of it together (it was spread over two images) and digitally removing many of the microfilm scratches and streaks.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

7,133 Greet New Smokies

The Sporting News - June 27, 1956
The Smokies return to Knoxville after a season and a half.  Here's a simple chronology of the team in the 1950s.

  • In 1952 they were a member of the Tri-State League and played at Smithson Stadium. 
  • In 1953 they were a member of the Mountain States League and played at Chapman Highway Park. 
  • In 1954 they were a member of the Tri-State League and played at Bill Meyer Stadium. 
  • In 1955 there was no minor league team in Knoxville. 
  • In 1956 the club moved to Knoxville from Mobile as part of the South Atlantic League and played at Bill Meyer Stadium.

Friday, July 25, 2014

American Giants Are Champions

Savannah Tribune - September 25, 1920
From this article we see the schedule of the "World Championship":
  • Tuesday, September 21 at Birmingham
  • Wednesday, September 22 at Birmingham
  • Thursday, September 23 at Birmingham
  • Friday, September 24 at Birmingham
  • Saturday, September 25 at New Orleans
  • Sunday, September 26 at New Orleans
  • Monday, September 27 at Birmingham
  • Tuesday, September 28 at Birmingham
  • Wednesday, September 29 at Birmingham
  • Thursday, September 30 at Birmingham
  • Friday, October 1 at Knoxville
  • Saturday, October 2 at Knoxville
  • Sunday, October 3 at Chattanooga
Thirteen straight days of baseball.  No off days for traveling.  Using I've come up with some round distances.  Birmingham to New Orleans is 350 miles.  Birmingham to Knoxville is 260 miles.  Knoxville to Chattanooga is 115 miles.

So, 13 games were scheduled in four cities, which would have entailed about 1,075 miles.

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