Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pat McGlothin

Ezra "Pat" McGlothin, passed away in Knoxville, Tennessee, on Friday, October 24, 2104. 

He pitched in relief eight times for the Brooklyn Dodgers, seven of them in 1949, and the final time the following season.  Previously he played for Elizabethon, Mobile, St. Paul, Montreal.  He also played for Ft. Worth, Knoxville, and Birmingham, along with some time playing ball in Cuba.
The Sporting News - May 12, 1948

He was a local man, attending and playing for the University of Tennessee in Knoxville for a few season.  In 1954 he was a player-manager for the Smokies, pitching in 11 games, ending up with a 2-1 record that season.

The Stars and Stripes - January 28, 1954

Pat's obituary can be found here.

I was fortunate to interview Pat in 2012 and had the opportunity to spend some time with him on other occasions.  He was a good man and will be missed by family, friends, and fans.

My thanks to fellow researcher Bryan Steverson for pointing me to The Sporting News article.

image of The Sporting News article from PaperOfRecord.com
image of The Stars and Stripes article from Ancestry.com


  1. Great article, Mark. Does SABR have a biography for him?

    1. Tony, thanks. No, the SABR BioProject doesn't yet have a biography of him. Our local SABR chapter has kicked around the idea. It just hasn't been written yet. We have notes, articles, stories and other bits. We just need to do it.

  2. Mark, do you have any photos (team or individual) of the 1948 Knoxville Smokies when future Hall-of-Fame knuckleballer Hoyt Wilhelm played for them? Wilhelm was 13-9 and had a 3.62 ERA that season, but I can't find even a team photo of the Smokies from that season.